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Hi, I’m Nick. I am a founder and product manager from Berlin. I love building products, started programming when I was 14, and launched my first products during that time. I started the non-profit organization between the lines e. V. and scaled it to 10 employees and 100.000€ in recurring revenue. When I was 18 I started an agency to finance my studies and travels through the eastern part of the world. From 2017 to 2020 I studied product management at the newly founded CODE University, learning about product, data science and marketing, while building several products and doing internships at Metro and Circ (acquired by Bird). During my studies, I was fortunate to receive scholarships by “Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft” and the “Idealo Bahnbrecher Stipendium”. At the beginning of 2021, I started building climateers, focussing on product discovery about how to help people to live more sustainably. After acquiring a 150.000€ equity free grant from the government and building an amazing team of 4 passionate co-founders, I still spend most of my day, trying to find the right product and achieving product market fit in this challenging space.

When I am not enthusiastically working on my ideas and projects, I spend a lot of time cooking (I use curry for most dishes), traveling (I spend 6 months in south-east Asia) and doing sports (I completed my first marathon when I was 16).

I am a really curious person, spending a lot of my free-time to learn new things, watching documentations, reading books and spending time with other curious persons.

I am a native German speaker, but having worked and studied in English, I feel comfortable speaking and writing in English.

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