Various Startup Projects

I am always full of ideas and I love building products. During my studies at CODE University, I was eager to try out different ideas. That ultimately led to founding a startup, called All You Seed, that would produce a high-quality, healthy and sustainable meal-replacement, loved by my fellow students. After trying to bring it to market, via a Startnext crowdfunding campaign, which raised only 4500€ of 12000€, I realized to bring this product to market, I would need to spend more time & money, which I couldn’t during my studies. I learned a lot about nutrition, bringing touchable products to market (which can be quite complex!), and about marketing.

After that, with a good friend, whom I met during my travels through Asia, we saw an opportunity to produce a bamboo bicycle and bring it to the market. The only problem was that I didn’t have any clue about bikes. Only a few weeks later, however, I had 14 bamboo bicycle frames in my basement. So I learned to build bicycles, sold them on eBay, and realized, that I would need to be more passionate about bicycles, to start a great brand in that area. Again: a lot of learnings about Marketing, and how to bring touchable products to market.

A few years earlier, when I was about 14 and learned how to program, I developed and launched several Google Chrome extensions, including a minimal but expandable new tab page, with a „smart“ command-line to get information about the weather, the news, system information and much more. It was called „Molly“ and was downloaded about 2000 times, and frequently used by a few hundred. Another one, was called „Troll your Friends“ that you would install on your friend’s Computer and which would mess up their browsing experience by funny effects. It was downloaded over 200.000 times, but obviously had quite a bad retention rate 😉